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Cover songs often get a bad reputation. For every amazing cover song released, there are dozens of covers that are poorly done and used as album filler. Good covers are a great way to get exposed to new artists and genres with little risk. You already know the song, you’re just hearing someone else’s interpretation of it.

Good covers are created when an artist is able to take an existing song, make it their own and give it new life. Often times these songs become bigger hits than the original song. Many well known and respected artists biggest hits are actually covers. Well known artists like Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin and even Elvis Presley had huge hits with songs that weren’t originally theirs.

I have two goals with this blog. The first is to use cover songs as a way to introduce readers to songs, artists and even genres they may not be familiar with. The second is to give credit to the original artist of cover songs that people generally believe are originals by the covering artist.

I hope to achieve these goals in a way that other blogs and articles dedicated to cover songs do not. Most other blogs only give the reader access to hear the covered song and only inform them who did the original version. This blog will not only enable readers to listen to the covered song but also to hear the original version. I will also include links so that readers can aquire the album containing the covered song if it is still in print.